[300 MB] Download Gta 4 Game Android For Free Full Game Highly Compressed Offline

A person who loves adventure and action in sports, another series comes in the GTA series. GTA 4 apk game is advanced by the famous Rockstar North and publisher is Rockstar Games by none other. The GTA 4 game was released on 2 December 2008. The GTA 4 game is the eleventh series in the Grand Theft Auto Series. Like the other series in the Grand Theft Auto series, this series has all the adventures starting from robbing the bank, roaming freely and feeling like living in the real world.

GTA 4 is developed for Android Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 and Microsoft is available for Windows options. The game can be played with a single as well as multiple players with approximately 32 players entangled at a time. There is a choice of many players online which is available with the game. As it is a fictional city, the game is built using a larger area than most other games previously launched. This makes the game unique in nature as players get the freedom to explore the island first while roaming around and unlocking other islands. By crossing each level and progressing the story the player can unlock the rest of the islands and roam more freely across all these islands. The game also gives the player the freedom not only to roam freely but also to target the enemy of their choice and to commit all murders and bank robberies based on love for fantasies and greater adventures. The game also allows the player to choose the weapon of their choice and roam freely to perform all actions and adventures.

GTA 4 is unique in nature in terms of the soundtrack and music used in game play. The uniqueness can be imagined by the fact that the soundtrack in the game can be heard through radio stations and the player is still inside a vehicle.


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