[30 MB] & [700 MB] Download Thor Dual Wield Mod Gta San Andreas Android With Super Powers 2020

Hi guys in this post i will give you gta san andreas thor mod android with super power guys this is a thor dual wield mod android in this you found lots of thor powers.Thor may be a 2011 American superhero film supported the Marvel Comics character of an equivalent name. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures, it's the fourth film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It was directed by Kenneth Branagh along with Don Payne by the writing team of Anthony Edward Miller and Jack Stent, and Chris Hemsworth as the title character with Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgard, Colum Feuer, Ray Stevenson, Idris Elbasan Shown. , Kat Dennings, René Russo and Anthony Hopkins. After ruling a dormant war, Thor is taken from Asgard to Earth, stripped of his powers and his hammer Majlonir. As his brother Loki conspires to take the Asgardian throne, Thor must prove himself worthy.

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How To Use Thor Powers :- 

Press x to become thor

Green button + 1 = ground attack
Green Button + 4 = Electric Blast
Green Button + 8 = Mjolnir Ground Attack
Green button + 5 =  big lightning strike
Green button + 7 = small power lightning
Jump + green button = super storm jump
While in the air + Press 6 = Air attack
While in the air + press 4 = Air Dash
While in the air + press 8 = Superhero Landing

1 + 5 Press = fly
While flying, use your analog for control
Press 5 to do electric attack
Press 8 to increase speed
Press 9 to slow down
Press 4 to disable fly mode

Small X button + 4 = to throw the Stormbreaker
Use your analog to control the storm
Small X Button + 4 Again = Storm Call

Small X button + 7 to throw Mjolnir
Use your analog to control Mjolnir
Small X Button + 7 Again = Call  Mjolnir

Press 1 + 7 to convert to CJ

How To Unlock Download Link :- 

I explained in the video how to unlock the game download link on my website. But I tell you here too. So read below:
         •- Click on the 1st bar & subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
         •- Click on the 2nd bar & follow my Instagram Account
         •- Open any ad, Copy URL & paste it in given below blank box, click on download.
         •- Now unlocked download button.

Download Full Game Mod+Game [700 MB]:-


How to unlock Downloading link??  click on Banner ad then copy ad URL and then paste ad URL in the Empty Box and follow the instructions to verify & now you can download

Download Mod File [30 MB] :- 

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