[70 MB] How To Download Gta Theft Auto 5 Los Angeles Crime Online Apk On Android

Los Angeles Crime is an online action game in an open world where you can immerse yourself on different servers and enjoy a variety of game experiences. On some servers you can play a type of deathmatch mode, while on others you can race a car or just roam the city.

Controls are simple in Los Angeles crime. On the left side of the screen is a virtual stick to rotate, while on the right side your buttons have targets, shoots, reloads, and sprints. You have access to your mobile phone in the lower right corner of the screen, from where you can call for new cars or weapons.

The Los Angeles Crime has more than half a dozen different vehicles that follow to drive around open settings and highways. Likewise, you can make good use of various firearms including pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Also you can choose from first and third person point of view.

Los Angeles Crime is a multiplayer action game with good graphics, lots of options to customize your avatar, a variety of game modes, and precise controls that are well optimized for touchscreens. In the setup options you can adjust both graphics and controls.

Apparently inspired by the GTA saga and all the rest of the franchises which in turn are based on the famous Rockstar series, here we have Los Angeles Crime, an action-packed game for Android that we'll explore like an open. World with five maps, all kinds of bad things in three different game modes.

The common fact among all the latter is that we have to shoot to kill all our enemies, although the end goal is slightly different in each of them. In Team Deathmatch we will team up with other players to eliminate the rival team; In Zombie Survival we will have to survive the zombie apocalypse by killing all the undead, and in the Clear City! We have to destroy everything that goes on… no pity for friends.

To a certain extent, it may seem like a normal action game for Android but it stands out specifically for its realistic physics. We will be in control of a ragdoll character who moves in real life, able to react to all kinds of physical stimuli in different environments. We also have to refer to its map editor which allows us to create our own scenarios in case we get bored of the five maps included by default.


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