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UFO Mod For Gta San Andreas Android [DFF Only] No TXD:

Hi I was messing around playing on san andreas with my friends when I saw a U.F.O. Fly by me and it almost hit me! I tryed it again and it still came back so it wasnt a temporary glitch or something. Okay to prepare for this you will have to put in the "cars fly" cheat. Then you have to go to a satellite dish near the "restricted area" (it's called "the big ear). And underneath it should be a car called "sand king". Take the "sand king" to the restricted area(you should be flying). Now fly around the restricted area (fly at about the same height of the top of the big ear cause that's where the U.F.O's fly) make sure you're flying in circles around it. (don't worry about the heat seeking missiles as they can't lock on to you because you are going to fast) and you should catch glimpses of it flying past you too fast for a plane (which it looks like at first) but if you fly around long enough it should eventually come close enough for you to determine that it isn't of this... Erm.. Video game.... Anyways try it I was surprised at first and had nightmares about it for a few nights after.

I was exploring surroundings the next day and found a small pub with a billboard in the form of a UFO near The Big Ear.

There were lots of photos of UFOs inside. But the most interesting thing was the map.

There was an office behind the desk where a map with positions of UFO sightings marked was hung.

I’ve seen the same map with the locations in Mike Torrent’s house. 

I am going to find proof of the existence of these phenomena. I’ve already created a special team, who are going to watch flying objects in the San Andreas’s sky.


the primary lawyer of this game is named Tony Attorney. Guys the story of this game is the wise guy from the Loans family, Toni attorney returns to his Insurance company and take a loans from his Mortgage company and make a Attorney for his gas/electricity bills and  after spending time in mortgage for attorney. And his own mom stand against the mortgage in his way as Toni attorney. And tony attorney tries to bring the city in under loans family control

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