[200MB] Marvel And DC Superheroes Modpack With Super Powers - Gta San Andreas Marvel Mod (70+Skins)

Marvel And DC Superheroes Modpack With Super Powers For GTA San Andreas (70+Skins)

Batman is the most versatile super hero, working not only in funny and fantastic stories, but also in dark, realistic stories. He's got the best stories, games, cartoons, films. He has the most iconic gallery of villains and has kept his popularity so far.'Batman ' / 10 years old Batman / 50s Batman

Superman was the first and most inspired, the most imitated and probably the most powerful superhero ever. He's the moral standard, the superhero archetype. The only reason he is not the first in this list is that he has lost much of his fame in recent years.

Spiderman is a paradigm shift. It is the symbol of Marvel, the first true human character of the superheroes of comic books. Hulk is a big, ugly, stupid green monster, divided between good and evil. He 's not a typical super hero, but he's still one of the most important.

Princess Diana is Queen Hippolyta 's daughter, Queen of the Amazons, who molded her from clay and asked the Greek Pantheon of God to bring her to life. It was the goddess Aphrodite who breathed life into the clay in her first story, but tells later that it was a pantheon every day.

Captain Marvel is Billy Batson.

He's a child who wandered in a cave and found Shazam, an old wizard. Shazam gave him Shazam's Power. Now, every time he says " Shazam," a magical lightning bolt hits him and he becomes Captain Marvel, the adult superhero. As Captain Marvel Billy has the following characteristics: Solomon


the primary lawyer of this game is named Tony Attorney. Guys the story of this game is the wise guy from the Loans family, Toni attorney returns to his Insurance company and take a loans from his Mortgage company and make a Attorney for his gas/electricity bills and  after spending time in mortgage for attorney. And his own mom stand against the mortgage in his way as Toni attorney. And tony attorney tries to bring the city in under loans family control

-Hercules ' strength( super- strength) Invulnerability) resistance -The power of Zeus( the ability to control lightning from his hands and shoot lightning) -Achiless' combat skills -Speed of Mercury( super- speed) He is a member of the American Justice Society, a superhero group. Regardless of his name


What's New:

  •  70+ New  Superheroes + Villain Skins
  • 4K HD Skybox
  • Spiderman Powers
  • Ironman Power
  • Hulk Powers
  • Hulkbuster Powers
  • Flash Powers
  • Superman Powers
  • Ghost Rider Mod with Powers
  • Dawn of Justice Gang
  • 3 Types of Superheroes Gang
  • Ultra HD Overdose Effect
  • High Particle
  • Works on 1GB RAM
  • Works on GTA Sa lite
  • And much more!
  • ghost mod

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